The Sustained Impact Diagnostic is a self-assessment tool that helps you get your project fully funded and achieving a sustained impact.

What it takes to achieve a sustained impact

Your charity or social enterprise will achieve a sustained impact if you have:

  • Effectively planned strategic activities based on evidence of need and defined the impact you want to achieve.
  • Generated sufficient income from a diverse range of sources to sustain your work.
  • Developed systems to effectively measure the difference you make and learn from this data to change lives and the communities you work in.

Having these three things in alignment is the key to:


Engaging funders and securing the funding you need to sustain your service


Focusing your team on the things that make the biggest difference


Changing lives and communities that you work in

Fundraisers and service delivery staff will find this free tool helpful if

  • Your organisation has big ambitions but lacks the funding to deliver projects.
  • Funding applications too-frequently end up on the reject pile.
  • Funders don’t seem to ‘get’ what your project is about.
  • Staff are pulling in different directions, at risk of burnout and frustrated at constantly trying to do more with less money.

It only takes 15 minutes to complete and will give you a clear indication of the actions to take for your charity or social enterprise to achieve a sustained impact.

“The diagnostic gave us a really clear and quick overview of what is needed to make our proposition more compelling to funders. It was a great tool to focus our time on getting our life-changing projects fully funded.”


Founder, The Difference


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