Develop a strategy for sustained impact

Without a clear strategy that ensures your organisation’s sustainability, it can feel like you are constantly fighting fires with people pulling in different directions. You may be feeling pressure to do more with less and unsure about how to ensure that your work has maximum impact.

We can help you:


Identify what help your beneficiaries actually need

We can provide the data and insights that help you understand the problems your beneficiaries are experiencing and the help they need to overcome them.

Understand the external context and what you do best

We can help you to identify what you do best, and how your work fits in with the external environment such as the drivers of change and comparable organisations.

Create a clear strategy to meet those needs

We can help you to develop a strategy that responds to beneficiary needs, and that fits within your operating environment.

Ensure staff understand their roles in delivering the strategy

A clear strategy, with assigned tasks and responsibilities, will ensure that your teams are clear on what they should be doing and when.

Create a plan to get your strategy funded

We can ensure that your strategy is sustainable, by identifying how it will be funded and resourced.

“Now we think in straight lines and can focus on delivering the strategy.”

Bankside Open Spaces Trust

We offer options that can work for you – whatever your size and budget.

Whatever option you choose, you can be assured that our team will bring all their skills to the table to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

After all, our difference, is helping you make your difference.


Get an expert assessment

A two hour call to look at your current strategy, with some quick wins and longer term shifts to increase sustainability.

Starts from £250


Host a workshop

A one day interactive workshop with your board and/or senior team to kickstart your strategy.

Starts from £1,750


Hire a consultant

We can create a bespoke package of support to develop your strategy and get it ready for board approval.

Starts from £6,000


How long will the process take?
That depends on your pace of work and frequency of board meetings.  You should allow at least three months for a simple strategy, and 6-12 months for an in-depth strategy for a large organisation.  We would outline the timescales involved in a proposal.
Who will be involved?
Emma would lead the project and may bring in other associates as required.

You should ensure that you have internal buy-in with your CEO, leadership team and trustees engaged in the process.  You should also plan for consultation with beneficiaries.

Do you offer a guarantee?
We work really hard to find out your needs and meet them, but if you are not happy with how the project is progressing, do let Emma know.  If you are not happy and the situation can’t be resolved, the engagement can be ended with one week’s notice.
Is there anything else I need to know?
After the initial call, we will send a proposal outlining exactly how we would work together, the fee and the expectations of the project.  When you’d like to go ahead just let us know and we’ll put the wheels in motion with a welcome pack and agreement.

“Emma is clear, incisive, warm and supportive, whilst not pulling her punches!”

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