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World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection is moving the world to protect animals. It tackles animal cruelty and suffering worldwide and helps the world to understand the vital relationship between people, the planet and animals. It campaigns to change food systems and eliminate the commodification of wild animals.


Insley Consulting helped this system-changing global charity to develop an Impact Framework for its new wildlife campaign.

The Challenge

Eradicating the commodification of wild animals requires real systemic and behavioural change. It needs governments to legislate, policies to be rewritten and people to change their mindsets, their consumption patterns and to take action.   

With its 10-year strategy in place and key milestones identified, World Animal Protection needed a framework to ensure that it could meaningfully report on its progress and evaluate its impact. 

However, this was a project with in-built complexity. Systemic change is not measured with simple numbers. Vastly different projects – ranging from research to policy advocacy to animal rescue – require separate thought about how best to gauge and measure impact. Different audiences require different action plans and, therefore, different impact measures. 

There was a real possibility that a complicated, complex and impractical monitoring and evaluation framework could be developed.

Insley Consulting was commissioned to ensure that it wasn’t.

“We had designed our 10-year strategy. It was now critical to build a core measurement and evaluation framework around this.


We needed not only monitoring and evaluation expertise that we could learn from, but experience of successfully designing and implementing a framework in the context of complex systemic change. Insley Consulting demonstrated this.”


Global Wildlife Director

The Solution


Much of the conceptual thinking about how the campaign would be delivered had been carried out by the World Animal Protection team. They were clear on the campaign focus and the change anticipated across a range of animal species, industries and geographies. 

Insley Consulting took the campaign strategy and facilitated a series of targeted workshops to develop and refine the intended outcomes that would deliver the most impact, the indicators of change and how they would be measured. 

All organisations need to focus on measuring those elements of their work that will make the biggest difference. The detail must be teased out from general goals and moved on to clear and measurable outcomes.


For World Animal Protection, the resulting Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning framework was global and all-encompassing. It included clear outcomes, each with a number of associated indicators.  

It became a library-style framework where country teams could access and select those indicators most relevant to their work.

We also worked with the global team to develop a set of Learning Questions that would help the charity to understand how change was happening. They would also help identify any changes to campaign tactics that were needed to adapt to any shifts in the systems.


Country team buy-in and engagement were key. They needed to understand the importance and relevance of the framework, how to use it and how to adapt it for their own local use.

With a global organisation, online workshops are essential. A series of 12 workshops were held in multiple time zones to ensure that country teams were part of the journey. We provided training and guidance on how best to adapt and implement the framework locally.

“Emma never really lets up.  She’s so passionate about getting it right – for the organisation, for the animals and for the cause.”

The Result

The results are clear.


World Animal Protection now has:

  • A straightforward monitoring and evaluation framework that embraces the complexities of what the organisation is working to achieve.
  • Empowered country-based teams that have ownership of – and use – the framework.
  • Confidence that the organisation’s impact can be measured and reported on meaningfully.


World Animal Protection is now able to measure and evaluate its progress in each of its defined areas of focus as it seeks to change how people can change animals’ lives forever.


“We had made the shift conceptually to focus on accelerating systemic change. Emma took our campaign planning and strategic thinking and helped us translate these into defined measurable outcomes.


“But she brought more than this.


“She brought an openness and freshness to rethink the possibilities. She challenged us and ensured we have rigour in what we do – and focused us on measuring what would make the biggest difference. The result is a framework that takes us forward, confidently.”

Kate Nustedt | Global Wildlife Director


See more about World Animal Protection’s work here.



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