Your sustained impact workshops

Are funding applications too frequently ending upon the reject pile? Perhaps your staff are feeling pulled in multiple directions, at risk of burnout? Is your organisation at a crossroads and considering its future direction and purpose? Do you yearn for simple and effective systems to measure the difference you make?

A more sustainable approach to creating impact

In the last 20+ years of working with voluntary sector organisations I have seen that the squeeze on funding and increased demand for services has led to an increased push for ‘more’ – MORE income to deliver MORE activities to MORE people.

It is exhausting and relentless and can lead to disengaged funders, an unfocused team at risk of burnout, and unsupported beneficiaries.

Without the right foundations in place everything can come crashing down.

A more sustainable approach is to ensure that your income, activities and impact are aligned.

We believe that charities and social enterprises can achieve a sustained impact when services are strategically planned, income is sustainable, and impact is effectively measured.

We can support your organisation to achieve this balance and increase your impact and financial sustainability within an in-house workshop or away-day tailored to your needs.

The Sustain Your Impact workshop series will help you:


Engage and inspire funders, helping you to secure the funding needed to sustain your service.


Increase your impact, change lives and the communities that you work in.


Focus your team on the things that make the biggest difference.

“We got absolute clarity about where to focus our time and how to position our work in a compelling way.  We were buzzing with ideas in the workshop and now I feel really excited about my role in fundraising.”

The Difference

Workshop topics

We can create a bespoke workshop or away-day tailored to the needs of your organisation. 

Individual workshops start from £1,750, or the whole workshop series can be delivered over a year (or less, if you’d prefer) for £6,950.

If you book the workshop series, we will include four free accountability calls after each workshop to keep you on track and maintaining momentum.

Workshop #1 - Your strategic plan for maximum impact

This workshop is typically run as an engaging strategy or away day for your board or senior team. We consider the help that beneficiaries need and the difference you seek to achieve. We will then develop a plan to achieve the desired impact and get your work funded.

After the session, when you have drafted your strategic plan, we will review and provide feedback on your draft to ensure that it provides a clear roadmap to increase your impact and financial sustainability.

We can also help with developing your plan and gathering the information needed to inform your strategy.



(Or book all four workshops for £6,950)

Workshop #2 - Measuring your impact

In this in-house workshop we will help you to develop a Theory of Change or Logic Model to show how the activities you deliver lead to your intended outcomes and impact. We will then develop a clear Evaluation Framework that outlines the most important outcomes to measure and other types of data to capture, and how it would be gathered and analysed.

After the session we will write up your Theory of Change and Evaluation Framework so you have a clear plan of how activities lead to the change you seek to make and how this will be measured. This will provide the foundations for monitoring and evaluating your projects and services.

We can also help with gathering and analysing your data to write an impact report.



(Or book all four workshops for £6,950)

Workshop #3 - Your fundraising strategy for sustainability

Within this workshop we will identify the blend of grants, gifts and partnerships that is right for your organisation based on the assets, networks and skills within your team/s. We help you to identify the ‘superpowers’ that make you well placed to grow fundraising income. Finally, we will work with you to build an outline fundraising plan that draws on and extends those strengths for maximum financial return.

After the session you’ll want to consult with colleagues to develop the fundraising strategy or plan at your desk. We will review and provide feedback on your draft .

We can also help with a fundraising audit and writing your fundraising or income generation strategy.



(Or book all four workshops for £6,950)

Workshop #4 - Your fundable proposition

Within this workshop we will help you to package your project or service so that it is ‘irresistible’ to funders and partners. We will lay the foundations of a compelling Case for Support or outline application that inspires your funders or donors to take action by investing in your project or service.

After the workshop we will review and provide feedback on the draft you have developed to ensure that it hits the mark.

We can also write your Case for Support or outline funding application.



(Or book all four workshops for £6,950)

Just looking for us to facilitate your in-house away day? We do that too! Book a call to talk about your needs and how we can help.

“Emma was brilliant, focused, energetic and fun. It was one of the best consultancy engagements I have ever experienced!”

Bright Ideas Trust

What’s involved…


Once you have made the great decision to work with us, we will set up a call to help you plan the workshop, identify who needs to be in the room and what information we need to get to know your organisation.

We’ll do the background reading and plan the outline of the workshop, write an agenda for you to distribute to participants and check that you are happy with the flow of the day. We’ll also be in touch closer to the day to confirm the set-up of the room and the kit needed to maximise engagement from participants.


Let me guess, you hate cringey workshops where you’re asked to get way too upfront-and-personal with colleagues and the facilitator? Me too!

Part of what I bring to the room as a skilled facilitator is to help people feel relaxed, able to access their creativity and maintain their energy levels throughout the day. I do throw in the odd icebreaker or energiser exercise, but they are strictly non-icky. We pack in a lot, work hard and have fun. We’ll have plenty of breaks throughout the day, as well as opportunities for individual and group work. Does that sound good?


We will provide a write-up of the day and review the documents that you develop following-on from the session.

Want to know more?

We’d love to talk more about how our workshops can help you to achieve a sustained impact. Schedule a free, no-obligation call to talk about your challenges and see how we can help.